Marilyn Rummel - Harpist and Teacher - Vancouver Island and Beyond!

Want to learn to play the harp?  Already taking harp lessons with Marilyn Rummel? This is your place - Welcome to Harp Canada Studio!
Marilyn teaches harp to children and adults from Nanoose to Mill Bay, from the Nanaimo Conservatory to her home studio in Duncan in the heart of the Cowichan Valley, Come and learn to play harp!

Baby News 

I know many of you have been waiting, with me, for this good news.  Kirsty, Nanaimo student and member of the adult ensemble, (and frequent attender at Wells Harp School) has had her baby.  Here's what she said, "She was born on sept 20th. she was a perfect 7.5 lbs at 2 weeks late. we will name her soon..."

If you click on the title you can see the place where you can add your congratulations if you wish -  she'll read them, I'm very sure!!
(and if the BEAUTIFUL photo doesn't appear on the front page, you'll…Read more

All Islands Harp Day - Nov. 5th 

As you may have seen on the calendar, I'm proposing another Harp Day. This will be in Duncan, St. Peter's Church hall, Sat. Nov 5 .  10- 3:30.  We'll have the workshop most of the day, with a concert while you eat your bag lunch, a time for a walk and then we'll resume the workshop. I'll be doing some Xmas music, and some other things. Planning is still happening, so if you have a request, feel free to leave a comment and I'll surely consider it! I'd be super happy have a message saying you're coming for…Read more

Another take on Vivaldi concerto  

I was looking for a recording for Joseph today, and so searched for Yo Yo Mah - my favourite cellist, and found this where he's teamed with Bobby McFerrin (my favourite Musical Genius!!)  For people who might not have encountered Bobby McFerrin before - maybe the under 20's - he just uses his voice as an entire orchestra, and he has about the same range. This is the entire recording of the two of them, produced I think by McFerrin. Stunning. The whole recording is there but this link takes you to theRead more

Harp Day Follow-up 

Wow! what a great day. Wonderful turnout at the workshop, happy participants who played so well, and then a concert that delighted even the teacher! Of course I was delighted with 11 students playing SO WELL together and individually. I really couldn't have asked for more.

Some people only got a truncated, or maybe blank-in-the-middle sheet of the Dalvimare variation 4b. Here it is to download. If you need anything else, please use the forum above this to ask. If you want the 1812 version it is here

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Scarborough Fair for Harp Day  

Here is the first of the music for the harp day June 18th.  There will be two more versions of this coming if this level is not to your liking. But here is the Harp 1 part for Scarborough Fair.  Students who have been working on this with sheets scrawled over and marked up as I arranged and re-arranged may like to print this one. Hopefully, barring typos, it's the definitive version!

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