Sept 16, 2021

Scales in a all keys  1/4 note = 60   but practice slow with pauses, as well as 60 and occasional play fast!

Arpeggios major and minor chords

recording is archived here

Summer reports - what is new and exciting…

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nov 11, 2021

Yes, there are classes today :)

dims and doms - arperggios.

La Riv 24 - 26

4 note Chord inversions with cadences  - all the major chords, broken and rolled, and the minors except  B- C#- F#-

(don't forget your…

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dec 16, 2021

all the scales

all the 4 note chords with cadences. (minors this time)

la riv 26 - 30

dims and doms broken and rolled

some Xmas fun.



jan 2022

La riviere scales 15, 16,


feb 2022


End of term 2020-2021

All the recordings below are for the Sept 2020 - May 2021 term. Theyre here becasue we're continuing some of the work, and your re-application of the studies are invited!

some of these are out of order and I can't…

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April 19, 2021

The real studio Class

6 things we need to know

the variations of Ah, vous dirais-je Maman?



ensemble class - what we've learned applied to Dream Habanera - recording