ped 2 class 6 - april 26

notes from the class:

please teach yourself the haydn piece (Rustic Dance, Suzuki bk 2, pg 1) - we'll do the class review of it next class!

the sight reading book is Anna Dunwoodie and Lisa Williams - Sightreading for harp. Book 1, 2, 3. Bk 3 come in 2 versions - 1 for pedal, one for lever. some links:  (this is Anna's site, but it isn't clear to me if they are pdf or shipped) but good info

can't see where I bought mine...

There is also a nice article about sightreading here:


I proposed today that each student record a 2 - 5 video of them teaching something about harp playing to someone. I know it will seem intimidating if you're not used to it, and some people have way more experience than others, but I can guarantee that you will learn something from each person, and therefore, it is only fair that you give each something of yours :)  Obviously, you're all adults and you can make your own decisions, but if you can pick up your cell phone, and do this in the spirit of a class assignment, we'll all be the richer. And I'll learn valuable things as well which will be helpful for the next group. etc., and etc. Let me know if you'll take up the challenge.


I see that I have the harp 3 of siciliana only in a version of Sibelius that I must have dome on my computer in Nanaimo. Will try to get it and post next week. Just a very simple part to play for beginners.

we put off doing hadyn, and instead reviewed the siciliana by Mary Kay Waddington



review of last class

homework from last time - hadyn piece deconstruct

sight reading aids

an assignment for the end of term

Brahms lullaby  HS bk 2

Rosamund - Songbook

Canon in D study sheets


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