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Tuning In 

A Workshop for Musicians Using the Feldenkrais Method™ 


“Improvement of talented people comes through their awareness of 

themselves in action. Their talent arises from their freedom to choose 

their modes of action.” (Moshé Feldenkrais) 



Where: On-line 

When: April 26, 2020 

Time: 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm PDT 

Fees: $45      To register contact Sandra Bradshaw at mailto:sandra@kelownafeldenkraistraining.ca or phone 250-862-8489 


Visit our website at http://www.kelownafeldenkraistraining.ca 


An Introduction to FeldenkraisŠ for Musicians   

Everything you do in playing your instrument, as in al coordinated actions, is a complex process that begins with intention. In this case musical 

intention which requires the coordination of a series of movements involving changes in weight, speed, orientation in space, eye-hand coordination 

and adaptations to gravity. When any of these are inefficient, it results in unnecessary friction wear and tear on the muscular-skeletal system and 

less than optimal results. 


       Ask yourself these questions: 


x      Are you satisfied with your playing?   

x     Can you express your musical intentions to your satisfaction?   

x     Do you know what to change to get a better result?   

x     Do you suffer from playing-related injuries or pain? 


The Feldenkrais Method™ uses gentle, slow movements to develop and refine the ability to sense subtle changes in quality. This tool of awareness 

makes possible more efficient and expanded choices that can prevent or heal injuries and improve performance. Learning is done through experi- 

ment and attention to ease and comfort rather than effort. Interest is in How you do what you do rather than on the accomplishment of any particu- 

lar action.   


This workshop wil help you become more aware of the intimate relationship between the way you use yourself and the music you create. This en- 

hanced awareness can support the ability to express musical intention.  


In this introductor\ workshop we will lay the groundwork and provide tools to help you continue learning and improving. You will: 

x     Find support from the ground through your skeleton.   

x     Gain proportional use of muscles: Using the large central muscles to free the use of arms and hands.   

x     Improve the coordinated use of eyes, arms, and body.   

x     Improve your sense of orientation in space.    


Alice Friedman, MA, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, experienced Assistant Trainer, Registered Psychologist, and dancer has explored the 

intersections of motion and emotion her entire life. In her professional life she has investigated ways of integrating movement, awareness and sen- 

sory experience into many fields including performing arts. She has offered workshops for musicians and other performing artists at al levels. Alice 

has also organized two Victoria FeldenkraisŠ Teacher Training Programs, and is now part of a team organizing a training in Kelowna B.C. She 

maintains a private practice on Salt Spring Island and Victoria, British Columbia.   


Sandra Bradshaw, PDP, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner has an extensive background in music and education. Her training as an Orff Music 

for Children teacher has provided an informative base for her Feldenkrais practice. She has had a private practice in Kelowna, British Columbia 

since 1999 and has presented workshops on a variety of topics including music and yoga. Movement. She has helped clients improve performance 

and helped them connect with their creative side. Sandra is now part of a team organizing a training in Kelowna B.C

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