Getting ready for Zoom distance lessons

Notes for the Gearing up for Zoom on line 


Before your first class: 

download zoom onto your phone, or computer or tablet or laptop. It should be on the device you will use for lessons, something that can connect to the internet and has a screen. If you have an external microphone that can help, as can headphones, but the sound is not good if you use the microphone attached to a headset because it is too close to the body of the harp usually. 

install Zoom and go through the set up procedure as best you can. You can sign in, set up your profile and all that. Having a photo helps me, but not necessary. 


test drive, OR minutes before the class begins: 

click on your Zoom icon, or run the program if you are on a windows or Mac computer. 

Do not sign in, but click join a meeting. This is the only way to get in. If it gives you a choice (and it should not) about audio, click Use device audio. Depending on your device, it may ask you for permission to access the audio and/or video. Say yes. 

That will take you to a screen to join, and it will ask for the room id, or person ID. This seems to vary depending on the device. 

Type 250-709-2395 (which is my home phone number) in the box, and it will likely change to say Marilyn Rummel’s room. Type your name in the appropriate box, say yes to connect, and the screen will change to seeing you and possibly the rest of the class. 

You can actually try this out any time from now on. You won’t see anyone else, but you can test out the process. If I’m around, I might be on, and will say hi. 

You can click around the controls on the screen if you like and find the mute button, but I’ll go over all that at your first lesson. But exploring won’t hurt anyone :) 

--------------------------------------------------------- - 

In future lessons you can just lick the down arrow in the meeting room ID box and you’ll see my name there.

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