Wonderful crowd at harp day Saturday!

Thanks to all who attended the big harp day workshop yesterday. It was enjoyable, if exhausting, for your instructor and the feedback I've received has been most encouraging of more of the same.  One person has asked about bringing it…

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Joy to the World for Harp Day

For anyone wanting some written parts for Joy to the world for Harp Day, here they are: (and also on the download page, I hope)  pick your level. These will be at the workshop, and more besides, but in case…Read more

harp day registration and Music

I've posted some of the music for the Nov. 5 Harp Day - specifically the parts for Infant Holy which we'll work on.  This should be an enjoyable review for anyone who worked on it last year, and a chance…Read more

Congrats to the Gold Medalists

Three of my students have earned gold medals from the Royal Conservatory of Music, for receiving the top mark in the province for their level and discipline. They are:

Hayely Farenholtz - Level 10!!!
Susan Hoeffer - Level 2 (Manitoba)…Read more

Baby News

I know many of you have been waiting, with me, for this good news.  Kirsty, Nanaimo student and member of the adult ensemble, (and frequent attender at Wells Harp School) has had her baby.  Here's what she said, "She was…Read more

All Islands Harp Day - Nov. 5th

As you may have seen on the calendar, I'm proposing another Harp Day. This will be in Duncan, St. Peter's Church hall, Sat. Nov 5 .  10- 3:30.  We'll have the workshop most of the day, with a concert while…Read more

Another take on Vivaldi concerto

I was looking for a recording for Joseph today, and so searched for Yo Yo Mah - my favourite cellist, and found this where he's teamed with Bobby McFerrin (my favourite Musical Genius!!)  For people who might not have encountered…Read more

Harp Day Follow-up

Wow! what a great day. Wonderful turnout at the workshop, happy participants who played so well, and then a concert that delighted even the teacher! Of course I was delighted with 11 students playing SO WELL together and individually. I…Read more