nov 16, 2021 3 pm

more dalcroze work - subdivisions of 3 and 4

Salzedo IV in all inversions



Dec 2021

Trills in 2 and 3 fingers one hand 
Classical and Celtic music 
Christ child’s 
Arms and shoulders 
6 8 and 3 4 eight notes


May 2022

More about arranging the Unst Boat Song.  Meant to be a review of techniques, but fate intervened...


April 19

A hard class:

6 ways to REALLY know your music

find a rhythm that is difficult. Practice it using different notes. Understand the counting. Say it out loud!



Mar 15, 2021

review dice game and results

Polca del norte

thinking of rhythms without reading them - using dice game

using metronomes


Eb and Bb to do dice with rhythms, but they could be any key and chords.

counting aloud and…

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