Feb. 8, 2021

trouble shooting lever drill and more

The breathing scale

the dice game



Jan 18, 2031

The pelvis, hip and knee contol the elbow - extending your knee o make your movements fluid

Salzedo -  432 and 1

solid and rolled


trills - 2 and 1 ,  2 and 1, and…

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Nov 30

Salzedo with levers

organizing arms and back

canon scales at different speeds

moving the left hand around the harp  salzedo plus basses

salzedo extended arm beats  (next month)

lesson recording


Noel Nouvelet to

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Nov 9

paus-y study (print sheet from last month)

rhythm exploring - matching the clicks or snaps

extending over beats - clear a little floor space beside so you can move while listening (watching is not necessary)

review jazz…

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