Duncan Ensemble Class, 2021- Wed. 1 pm
  • Duncan Ensemble Class, 2021- Wed. 1 pm
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St. Peter's Hall - Bring your harp, stand, music and chair if you don't want to use the ones there. If you've paid for last year use the ticket below and pay just $50. If the guidelines say mask, we will, or if you feel more comfortable that way, please do.

Class will begin at 1 pm - we can load in a bit earlier than that, so you can be tuned and ready to go at 1 pm. We'll go to 2:15 or sometimes a bit later.

But is will be glorious to play together after so long!!!

If the pandemic worsens and we loose access to the hall, or we feel unsafe, we will suspend completely, and I will re-imburse you for any months that we don't rehearse. Please sign up if you're in - and let me know if you are not!

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