2020 - 2021 Studio Class C -  5:30 pm by Zoom -

Sept 10

Oct 8

nov 5

dec 7

Jan 14 

Elbow and jewels - knuckle glisses from the elbo


pausy salzedos -   land on the and- closing fingers and thumb


lever flips  - d minor and major triads with and t]\without low D


rhthym work suo gan - beat 1 2 3 4



Oct. 8 - moved to 22 

We're paying attention to rhythm and counting today. No sheets to download till we're done, but it would be helpful to have set up where you can see the screen while standing or moving around a tiny bit.

And we'll play scales that we didn't get to the last class!


rhythm on a stick  - the beat has a lenghth - and you can subdivide it

grossi study - how to speed up

tapping the ands while playing the scale (la riv)