New beginner group class announced

I know that a few people have been waiting for this to happen - sorry it has taken me so long to sort it out.  The class will happen in Duncan, starting Jan 18, Friday, at 2 pm. And continuing…

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News from French Polynesia

A lovely young student who Hayley and I shared in the Nanaimo Conservatory has been travelling the world with her parents and sister on their sailboat. They sent me this wonderful video of their latest adventures including a concert on…

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Carolan update

The board is growing. Now people are starting to ask what we'll do with all this beautiful repertoire. Any ideas?

hearing loss

I recieved an interesting email today from a company that provide background music for business. However, they were drawing my attentions specifically to a nice article on their website about the proevention of hearing loss, and how the ear works…

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SOLD Harp For Sale

I've received this info about a harp for sale - Aamanda wants to buy a Wellspring but needs to sell her larger Salvi before she can do that. This is the same harp that Patti has, for those who know…

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The carolan year is up and running

Week 2 and we're up to 5 cards on the board. Spent Sunday making nice boards for both Duncan and Nanaimo so we can see our progress! I've learned 2 new tunes already that I've only seen, but didn't really…

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technology day - June 30 10 am

Tech Day is a chance to explore some aids to music learning that we can carry around with us on our tablets or cell phones. It is a new world, and the learning opportunities are truly wonderful.  But the learning…

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recital wrap

a few photos in from the recital season -

The Duncan Youth harpers - thanks Jennifer!


And two from the Duncan adult recital - thanks to Joanna and Joyce


Nanaimo Youth Ensemble Recital - May 31

Three students who have been studying with me for many years - really, since they were young children - will present a beautiful recital of solos, duets and and trios at the Conservatory in Nanaimo, Thursday, May 31st. Please come…

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