Fascinating artist

An artist named Hadi Karimi makes digital portraits of people using all the computer tools - most of which I know nothing about. But the results are pretty cool. He has a lot of famous composers done. Here's one  https://hadikarimi.com/

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Bach Chaconne

maybe this should be a ensemble piece.  Otherwise just learn the harp version - ask me if you don't know where to find it! 



Learning with our body

I'm devoting the next few studio classes to the study of rhythm. Have your questions and trouble ready. This quote from Marja-Leena Juntunen may give you a clue where I"m going..

 "Within cognitive science, Schiavio and Timmers (2016) maintain that…

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A video from our Xmas recital

One of the audience members recorded a bit of the concert and prepped it a bit to share on facebook, to help us spread the word about the fundraisers.

I, and others, are raising funds to bring two families to…

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Odd word and new study

One of the oddest words in the English language belongs to music. Seven letters, one vowel, yet 2 syllables. And better than it english-oddity-ness is its use and the pleasure it gives!

Careful application of this can really improve our…

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Debussy playing Debussy

It is easy to forget, with youtube and downloadable recordings, how hard it was to hear from the source in earlier days. I was having a discussion about the wonders of youtube for learning music just the other day with…

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Composing retreat is full!

Thanks to those who registered - it should be a great mix of relaxing and stimulating - at least that is what I'm aiming at. No doubt I'll plan for another one next year, so if you missed coming this…

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Imagine you were not feeling well, a little sad, or a little sick, or just tired. The internet is full of remedies to swallow or rub on or smoke or smell. But I have a better answer. It is the…

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