Wonderful recording of Bridget Kibby

The amazing American Harpist, Brdget Kibby is coming to Vancouver to perform with the Dover String Quartet. This is ages away still - March 2021 - but the West Coast Harp Society hopes to have masterclass and recital with her…

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Paying attention

Odd idea isn't it? - paying attention. Why do have "pay" attention - and for that payment, what do we get in return. And what do we pay with? 

These are all ideas I want to explore in our…

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Larry Goldfarb on "Taking it with you"

Larry Goldfarb is a well known Feldenkrais teacher how posted the following blog this week. He is talking about Feldenkrais lessons, but his points apply equally well to harp lessons and how we learn to play music, especially in our

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Thank you for a wonderful afternoon!

Thank you everyone who played, and all who came to listen, thanks to the composers and arrangers, thanks to St. Peter's for the wonderful space, thank you to the people who support and encourage the players, and thanks for Christmas…

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Harps for Christmas

It's the adults' turn to share their season's work at our Christmas recital concert. Everyone is welcome to join us for beautiful music and some tea and goodies to follow at St. Peter's Anglican Church Hall, Duncan, at 3 pm,

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Wonderful Winter Harp weekend!

Wasn’t that a nice weekend? I confess to not being tired of bragging about my student Hayley and the wonderful playing she did with Lani as the two harpists holding down centre stage! Saw the show yesterday in Nanaimo…

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Wellspring 36 for sale

A beautiful, lightly used Wellspring 36 in Mahogany with levers on F and Bb is for sale in Nanaimo.  You can expect another $900 or so to finish the levers if you want a full set, but you'll still save…

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Symphony, harp, yoga

What a combo - Here is something for you who live around Nanaimo - (thanks Kirsty for the note!)

A Special Invitation for YOGA LOVERS! 

Yoga Afternoon with the Vancouver Island Symphony 
Thursday, November 14, 3:30-6:00 p.m. 

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What a great time we had!

The idea of playing in a concert, when I've been teaching pretty exclusively lately, was quite an idea - and one I rejected any number of times over the past couple of years. But happily, my friend Ann Mendenhall just…

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Rachel Peacock Thesis

Here's a good read, for students of all ages and stages. Rachel Peacock was a student at IMA fro many summers while a teen, and has gone on to do graduate studies at York University with Sharlene Wallace. She submitted…

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Cowichan Valley Youth Choir

Parents - I've spoken to several of you over the past while about the amazing opportunities for children and youth to develop their musicianship by singing in the family of choirs known as the Cowichan Valley Youth Choirs. Kids…

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Concert this Sunday

Four local - and fabulous - pianists gathering to play solo and together - including one piece for 8 hands at one piano! Don't miss it!

Harping for peace!

The Lanterns for Peace event, hosted by the Nanaimo chapter of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, was held Tuesday night at Maffeo Sutton Park. Our own Eleanor Sinclair played harp for the event, and her "soundtrack" was…

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An inspiring interview

Adam Cole is a musician and teacher of both music and feldenkrais lessons. He was interviewed for a "thrive global" series about mental health earlier this month. He said, in part of the interview:

"Musicians, whether they have a

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Trying to gather up all the tuning videos in one place. Most of these are most applicable to new harpists, or those with new harps, but the troubleshooting one may be of interest - well, I hope in all of…

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