A mask pattern

Severl folks asked about the masks I've been making. After many bazillion tries, I settled on this pattern. Mrs. Youtube showed me how to do it, but I can't find that one again. There are several that use the same principal, but are cut from rectangles. I like the circular form of this one for the way it fits on nose and chin. So here it is. (Yes, it would have been much easier, and maybe more useful to make a video, I now realize!)

I like it because it goes way up the nose so it doesn't fog the glasses, and stays away from my mouth when I'm talking all day! It kind of opens and closes with your jaw. Thanks to the nameless and creative inventor!!!

Cut a circle of the outside and inside material. I have settled on 9 3/4 inches for me, but for Joseph 10 1/4. I have a pretty small face and jaw, and I use a tiny seam allowance. 

Mark the ear bits one inch from the centre on each side of the lining fabric. Use ribbons or elastic, and pin them to the inside so when you turn it, they will be out. Add the other fabric circle right sides together. Sew them up leaving a small bit open to turn it through.


Turn inside out and press flat. Top stitch all around.

now fold your circle in thirds (approximately) with at least 3 1/4 inches width in the middle "third"  This is a bit fussy. I use the ear ribbons to guide the folding. Press.

Draw a line that follows the curve of each flap, top and bottom.

you want to sew a curve roughly following the curve of the flaps if they were folded down. I use my pattern and keep out 1/4 from the  folded edge. I use my original pattern. I used to use the curve of the fabric itself, but I'm not always deadly accurate at sewing that curve. :)  draw with a pencil.

Pin the two flap edges together to keep them out of the way, because they don't want to be sewn down. The picture should help. Draw the line on each side, and stitch it down. That's it.

bring the ear pieces together, and the little wings will pop out. Giving it a good ironing, folded, helps the fit.

Pretty simple - but ingenious

Use can use elastic - 6 !/2 inches or 7 if you just go around the ears. I like the feel of ribbons better - sometimes I just make them ear sized, but a better fit is big loops (11") with an elastic fastener in the back. I make a loop of elastic around one of the ribbons and sew a button on the other end of it to catch the other ribbon. That way it slides into position where it needs to go. I haven't seen this in a video, and it definitely increases the time, but makes for comfort, especially if you already have glasses over your ears.  I have elastic ear loops on the ones for a quick trip to the grocery store.


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  • Eleanor
    Eleanor Nanaimo
    Awesome! Thanks so much for the great instructions, Marilyn. You are a very capable woman!

    Awesome! Thanks so much for the great instructions, Marilyn. You are a very capable woman!

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