End of year recitals this weekend!

This is your reminder for the two recitals this weekend - youth on Saturday at 5, adults are Sunday at 5. 

Both look to be very nice concerts, so if you're looking for some nice music, join in - you're welcome. 

All performers: please be on line 15 minutes in advance so we can check everyone's sound. 

And all performers, if you haven't had a lesson this past week, could you just reply to this email and confirm whether you are playing or not? 

If you are one of the students not playing, just log in and enjoy - it just might be your turn next time :) 

An end of year recital is a celebration - a chance to notice for yourself what you have learned, what you can play now that you couldn't some months ago. It has been an odd enough year, but I am very proud of how everyone has adapted to on-line lessons and chilly ones in the outdoor studio - it is pretty great to see, and I'm looking forward to you sharing your music with each other and the invited guests. 

I'm sorry I won't be able to hand out ice cream and of celebratory glasses, but next year... 

If you want to come, just email me for a zoom link

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