harp day registration and Music

I've posted some of the music for the Nov. 5 Harp Day - specifically the parts for Infant Holy which we'll work on.  This should be an enjoyable review for anyone who worked on it last year, and a chance to explore this beautiful music for those who did not.  The arrangement is the same as I gave my weekly students last Xmas.  If you didn't get one, the parts are downloadable here  (there are those reading this who live too far away to attend - help yourself to the music!)

We'll be working on bell scales as well, and some music I"ll hand out on the day. I've had one person ask for another crack at April Point Rain, so you might like to look that up on the same page. Not sure if I'll squeeze it in....

I really hope to see a few of the Duncan group people as this is more or less a replacement for the Sunday monthly group classes. It's an experiment - a work in progress, so I'll see how it goes. If you intend to come, you could help my planning by registering in advance - thank you so much to those who already have!

Nov. 5, 2016 , St. Peter Quamichan Church, Duncan, BC 10-3:30 with a bag lunch concert.


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