Marilyn Rummel - Harpist and Teacher - Vancouver Island and beyond!

Want to learn to play the harp?  Already taking harp lessons with Marilyn Rummel?   This is your place -

Welcome to Harp Canada Studio!

Marilyn teaches harp to children and adults from Nanoose to Mill Bay, from the Nanaimo Conservatory to her home studio in Duncan in the heart of the Cowichan Valley. Come and learn to play harp!

harp and piano duet concerts

From Miya Otake: 

Kaori and I are preparing for 6 concerts this winter.  The Langley one is just us in duets and solos, including works by César Franck, Claude Debussy, Bernard Andrès, etc.  Other concerts are a fun collaboration with…

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Some wise word from Larry Goldfarb

Larry is a teacher - a fine one. His particular topic is movement, and what it takes, especially using the Feldenkrais method. But learning is learning, and this blog post from today really says it all well -

Especially today,

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The antedote for our time

We have a treasure that can lift the spirit and put a smile on your face - no, it's not a harp (at least this time). Forever, one of my musical heroes has been Bobbie McFerrin. And tonight, suddenly a…

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Temperature and Humidity in Wood

Joseph and I have been working this weekend on paper to illustrate the effects of humidity and temperature on your harp (or any wood) and what you should and should not worry about. Here it is for your edification, as

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