Marilyn's popular Harp Day Workshops serve multiple levels and teach technique and ideas about "how to play" -  with less focus on "what to play". A student said recently "I love these harp day workshops - you're inspiring and comfortable, and I leave energized".

Workshops can be from 2 hours to 5 days. Here are a few recent offerings - but let me know what you would like to experience!

Ensemble playing for harps and other instruments  - adding flutes, violins, and recorders to a harp ensemble.  Some repertoire and ideas that are easy, enjoyable and beautiful.

Arpeggios and chords - all the beautiful ways we can combine these to make music for individual play or to enrich a group piece. Uses her own arrangements of folk and composed music.

Christmas Music - let's prepare 2 or 3 pieces for immediate and satisfying play that mixes and matches your skills and tools to create "arrangements" that you will play anew every time! These could be as short as 2 hour workshops, up to 2 four-hour classes.  Solo and multiple harp arrangements

Oh Canada Jam - in time for the sesquicentennial!   Playing those iconic Canadian tunes from a lead sheet. Both the tools and tunes.

Elements of music - Music theory  from the body's perspective. Our body is the instrument that plays other other instruments, and the rhythmic, tonal, and expressive elements of music are best learned in an embodied way. Using ideas from Dalcroze, Feldenkrais, and my own many years of teaching adults and children, this class will help students REALLY learn to count and to think musically.  Best in a series of one-hour classes, or as a 2 day workshop.

Chinese meets Celtic - and infusion of both elements for a delicious tea. Ideas from one culture can help us hear the other, in music and life!

Introduction to the Harp - Bring an opportunity to your local musicians to learn from a master of the  beautiful and easy Harp Start. Depending on timing and location, I may be be able to bring harps for the event if people do not have their own. If you're looking to add students to your studio, this is an excellent opportunity to rev up the enthusiasm and offer an introduction to lots of folks all at once!