Harp Start Books

Harp Start Book 1 - lessons from the very beginning. How to play with a beautiful sound and a sense of freedom. Includes a 30 page Guidebook for teachers and self-teachers.

Harp Start Bk 2 - More advanced material, continuing exploration of chords, beautiful tones and group playing. Includes study sheets for Pachelbel Canon in D, and a useful bass hand study

Harp Start Songbook - Not a sequential method book, but a book of beautiful, interesting, pedagogically useful solos that don't feel "dumbed-down". Includes Xmas carols, traditional and original pieces.

PDF Downloads

All of the music below is available instantly as PDF files that you print yourself. If you need other versions (a different key, a different instrumentation) I can likely accommodate you - just click the contact button and ask!  Demand Music books and sheet music as well as music for choirs, piano, and handbells by various composers are also available on Sheet Music Plus.

O Tannenbaum
  • O Tannenbaum
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3 verses - the first is the easiest (that's for this Christmas for some of you) the second a little trickier and the 3rd just a bit more - so you can play more verses as your skills advance - key of G

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