Beginner harp On-line

outline for class 1

introduction to basic play
positioning harp
position of body and hands
action of playing - open and closed hands
close move open with 2
using other fingers and thumb
notes of the scale and colour of harpstrings

Resources for Class 1

review of week 1 video

a few short older videos:

sitting at the harp
playing F's with #2

notes from class

keep your elbows level with your wrists

close your fingers to the palms

wear your harp jewels

read page 2 in harpstart - Landing mediations - has the close move open section top line, and 2nd line is the alternating hands

read the guidebook for the landings page

outline class 2

tuning your harp
close move open
close move open with 1and 2
Julie Blue

notes class 2

Didn't get to the tuning, but please check the video below if you have any trouble. I'll do a BRIEF overview next week
more close move ope )especially part one of the recoding)
And glissandos. which are all about the elbow. You play your harp with your elbows. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!
Part 2 has the glissandos and other body movements
Part 3 is the start of Julie blue, where the students are carefully playing close move open on any red or blue string while I play Julie. Listen to it so you can play it by ear.

outline class 3

playing Julie Blue

playing open fifths with 3 and 1


start Brian Boru

resources class 3

notes class 3

Terrible video I made - I keep falling off the screen. But luckily the old videos of how to play the tune can be used. They are listed on the left

There is no old video with the blue red blue red accompiment - at least I don't think so, so here is your reminder:

  • blue red blue red, blue red blue red
  • red red red red, blue blue blue blue.


oulinefor Class 4

review of how to play single notes, a

 the tune of Julie Blue

Whales or spring dance


Resources for class 4

Here is the link to the recording of the class. There is a bit more lag than with a video; just remember that the actions and words are not always synchronized. That means sometimes you don't see the placing as clearly.

I dream of whales to print for your book (I'll bring copies next week as well)

Notes for Class 4

 connected notes comes up later in the video Julie Blue section

went with whales.  we begin the "verse" part of I dream of Whales (maybe 25 minutes in)
Julie Blue is called Juliet's play in the Harpstart book.  it's found in 3 versions in the book, and more are described in the handbook. Learn the tune with both hands, we'll do it a new way next week

Also look at walking the trestle and the notes about it in the handbook, for practice in connecting fingers through replacing.

outline class 5

Last class - Review plus!!

julie blue with 2 hands thirds
open 5ths to accompany

arpeg version I dream of Whales

Beginner recital and party -
June 15th -


resources class 5

notes class 5