Back from Chengdu - and so happy to have been.  Two of the students compiled a nice report, in poetic chinese, which google translate has turned into English. Piano means harp - the rest is either good or guessable - and of course I'm guessing as much as you. I do have the chinese text somewhere for those of you who read those characters :) Just ask. The photos are worth it however.  Here's the link

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您可能会觉得有用的视频 - videos


(these videos are in English but the images may be helpful)

Close Move Open - a good place to start - 


warm up the brain and fingers


Julie Blue


Julie Blue with 5ths in the left hand

朱莉蓝。 lh扮演第5个的间隔

connecting notes with the fingers


Brian Boru introduction

Brian Boru - 作品的开头或介绍

Brian Boru - the A part

布莱恩博鲁 - 主要部分,也称为A部分

Brian Boru - phrase 4

Brian Boru - 短语4