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Nanaimo Ensemble at Oak Tree Manor


Classes begin for 2022

Nanaimo Schedule

I've organized the Nanaimo Schedule in 4 week blocks. This is slightly more rational than last year, and I hope there are no changes. You'll get an email telling you which day -  A, B, C, or D - you are in.

Ensemble is on A and C  which are the the two days I am coming to NC.  B and D are Zoom. There is a possible opening on a Zoom day in case anyone really wants to change.

The weeks run like this -

Sept   9 A;   16 B;    23 C;   30 D

Oct.    7 A;    14 B;     21 C;  28 D

Nov.   4 A;   11 B (yes, classes that day)  18 C;   25 no classes

Dec.    2 D,  9 A;  16 B

Studio A is on day B.  Studio C has moved to Tuesday night and is slightly variable - check the calendar at the right for Studio C days.