The Summer Salon - for harpists of all levels!

We gather most Fridays at 5, pacific daylight time, on Zoom. Join in from anywhere in the world!

Registration info is below. Please register here, by filling the form. If you don't want to have a lesson, or don't want to pick a date yet, jut tell me so in that section.

We can have up to 2 lessons per salon so don't be shy.

There is no charge for the summer salon. If you are willing, however, I am inviting you to participate in the fundraising to bring the Saar family to Canada. They are a refugee couple, currently with no status in Turkey, awaiting settlement. It's been a long wait...

To make a donation to the fund, follow the link to the Canada Helps page for the Cowichan Intercultural Society. Then you'll have to use the drop down menu to get you to the list of projects, and find the Private sponsorship group - Saar family fund. If you don't do that, it will go into the general funds, and not the fund for this family.

The list is right below where you enter the amount of donation. This is the link to the page



The Schedule to date:  if you have submitted a lesson request it will show up here, and everyone can dig out their music and play along while muted.

June 4 - Karan - the dice game.  (I recorded this, though I'm not planning to mostly - here it is)

June 11 - Edith - rolled chords

June 18 -  trills

June 25 - available

July 2 - Brenda Mack - in the bleak midwinter

July 9 - Sheilagh O'Brennan - September on the Mississippi

July 16

July 31

Aug 13

Aug 27