To use:

  • PLEASE Make a new topic for each date available
  • Click on the title of the month you need
  • Click "add a topic" to post your listing. Put "available" and the date in the title. Put the time in the message box
  • If you're looking for a lesson, scroll through and use the message box for that listing to claim a lesson if it is still free

The big rules:

  • be fair - don't grab everything at once
  • to be eligible for a return make-up, please post well in advance.
  • You are welcome to take make-up lessons in advance if you've posted your away dates.
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Lessons Avail/Claimed September

709/18/2018 by nancy rowan

Lesson available/claimed October

910/15/2018 by Mari-Ellen Martin

Lessons Avail/Claimed November

611/08/2018 by Nancy

Lessons Avail/Claimed December

812/10/2018 by katrina

Lessons Avail/Claimed January

301/15/2019 by Nancy Rowan

Lessons Avail/Claimed February

502/25/2019 by Mari-Ellen Martin

Lessons Avail/Claimed March

803/24/2019 by m

Lessons Avail/Claimed April

404/02/2019 by nancy

Lessons Avail/Claimed May

805/15/2019 by karan

Lessons Avail/Claimed June