Harpstart Pedagogy 2 starts in Jan. 18, 3 pm.  We'll be using a variety of materials, and you'll have a better time if you locate them now (and of course they should be in your teaching library). 

Harpstart Bk 2

Ribambell (bernard Andres)

Pieces Classique Bk 2  (we won't need this for a couple of months)

Suzuki Bk 2 (same)

Please let me know if you don't have a copy of harpstart 2


This is a general contact and question page for pedagogy students. Downloads of course material will be here, and you are welcome to ask questions. If you're on a phone you may need to do a bit of scrolling. The tech info is at the bottom.

- Welcome Kirsty, Yvette, Dilys, Shoshanna, Margaret, and Gwyneth.

Dates for the classes are on the calendar page - look for the orange squares.

HP class 3 Feb. 15th 

Ribambelle #2


la riv scales

other materials for people who need a little extra - a list.

HP 2 - Feb. 4 

Ribambelle book,  no. 3 and 1

Echo Bay Goes to Cuba - HS bk 2