Odd word and new study

One of the oddest words in the English language belongs to music. Seven letters, one vowel, yet 2 syllables. And better than it english-oddity-ness is its use and the pleasure it gives!

Careful application of this can really improve our playing.

What word you ask? Rhythms!

I've just been teaching a new study in the Studio classes for my students, and wrote it down. Writing it down was harder than composing it, and it will be a bit tricky to get the rhythm, yet once you do, it will be easy. And having done that page well, I can't almost guarantee that the second page will be filled with beautiful rolled chords. It's free, at www.harpstart.com/demand-music.  Studio class people - this was last week's class for B/C and E.  Studio A - maybe you can download and do it before I even get to that class.

Have fun - like the kids on the cover...

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