Materials and Tech

You'll need some gear if you are studying on-line, instead of in Duncan

The main item is a laptop or computer or tablet you can use with zoom

You;lll need a revised edition of Harpstart Bk 1, and a binder or other means to keep your notes, and the additional pages you need. I'm sending a copy to anyone who does not have the revised edition. You may like to photocopy it, and put the pages in a binder, with your notes beside, or just keep them side by side as we work.

Lessons will be recorded, and available for the period of the course if you want to review.

Please let me know by email, or in the comment box if you need a book. If you have a student lined up, they will need to purchase a book. They can go to the website store or if you want I could mail with yours.

My zoom room is 250-709-2395. You can search for that or wait for me to email you before the class. I'll only do this for the first class, so you can practice logging in to zoom and finding me in advance if you like. If you've never used zoom, I'm happy to send you a link in advance which will then make future connections easier.

When you are logged in, locate the controls for your microphone being on or off. You'll need to be able to switch back and forth during the session. When it is off, you'll be able to play along, and if you want to ask questions, you'll need to turn it on.

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